Autoimmune Disease Support Group

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Field Trip to Chronic Pain Art Exhibit 9/28/13


Meeting Minutes:  September 7th and September 21st

 ***Field trip Saturday Sept 28th see below**

September 7th

TOPIC:  Joy and Creativity

WELCOME New Member Tricia!

  • One member shares that she read a statistic that people with CFS accomplish 50% less than people without CFS.  Anyone surprised?
  • The group discussed depression as a common symptom for those present no matter what their disease name, most admit to currently suffering with some level of depression and others state that they have previously suffered with depression due to their illness
  • Bernie Mack (the late actor/comedien) had Sarcoidosis.  He was quoted to have said "Sarcoidosis I'm not scared of you!)
  • The second half of the meeting all members present participated in a group art project!  We had one giant piece of paper on an easle.  Each member chose a different color magic marker.  Each member made one line on the page and passed it to their left.  The easle made it around the table several times.  At the end we had made a beautiful abstract piece of artwork!  At the 2nd meeting of the month, we pondered the art and discussed how it made us feel and what, if any, thoughts came to our minds.  We saw hope and love and an over-all connectedness to the work which could be interpreted as cohesion of the group!  Those present who participated in the project expressed really enjoying it and wanting to do it again sometime!  Well OK then!
  • As we made our masterpiece, we discussed how creativity is the first thing to go when you are so sick that you can barely function.  I admitted to even forgetting to turn on music for months on end!  Music is a quick and easy way to lift your mood!  It's very difficult to sing and feel depressed at the same time!
  • We also discussed ways in which we could bring joy back into our lives through creativity even with an illness!


WELCOME new member Sharon!

  • One member shared her continued experience of Rolfing, which is a process used to release muscle.  Here is a link for more info
  • One member shared that she had seen a recent hour-long interview with Dr. Sanjay Gupta in which he changes his mind, and now actually backs the use of medical marijuana!  Here is a link to the article, read down to about the 4th paragraph to where they bring in Dr. Gupta
  • More discussion on driving.  Some members are no longer able to drive, other members share that they are in the process of figuring out if/when to stop driving based on physical symptoms.  I myself was unable to drive for approximately two years.  I was actually still working and my husband began driving me and picking me up.  I finally felt well enough to do some daytime driving at the end of 2009 when I started this group!  This is a tough, and important discussion to have.  There is a loss of freedom that comes with this decision.  Families need to be aware of the situation and be part of the solution.
  • The Group remembered and discussed Hurricaine Sandy almost one year ago.  Some of us are still dealing with damaged property.  We all wondered out loud if we are prepared for this years' hurricaine season which is upon us.
  • One member shared having seen an art exhibit at the Bridgewater location of the Somerset County Library System entitled "The Invisibles".  In this project a man captures photos of disabled people of all types.  He himself was a normal, regular man, and after sustaining severe injury is suffering from a Chronic Pain Syndrome.  Those of us present want to meet up at the Somerset Library System in Bridgewater Saturday the 28th at 2pm.  An email invitation about this field trip will be sent Monday after I have had the chance to confirm with the library!  Please pencil us in and join us!

Until next meeting, be well my friends,