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40% Wellness Improvement - #3 Socialization


Honestly, who couldn't use a good laugh?  And who makes us laugh the loudest, longest, easiest?  That's easy!  Our best friends!!!  (And maybe even family!)

But what is one of the first things to go when we get so sick?  Yup!  Socializing!

Who among us hasn't had the experience of having to cancel plans with someone after spending all of their day and energy to get ready?  And there you are, make-up on, hair done, maybe even actual SHOES!  And you just know you aren't safe to even drive the car.  All energy drained from you, you call up your friend to explain (yet again) the problem...  Soon, you stop accepting the invitations, and then at some point, they stop asking...  not good!!!

Even though you are sick, you deserve to have SOME form of a social life!!!  It's actually IMPORTANT to EVERY human being! Isolation = Depression!  We are social creatures! 

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Hope you enjoy a few minutes with me!

And Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there!!!  May you all have a happy and healthy Mothers Day weekend!!! 

Love, and be well!



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