Autoimmune Disease Support Group

Our  Mascots are Marlie and Wilson!  

April, 2019

In Attendance:  8

New Members: 1 Welcome Kyla!

Collected in donations: $27


One member mentioned that Dillon Public Library in Bedminster offers a free meditation class. The same member stated he was sick at 25 yo and needed medication, which he resisted taking at first. He has Chrones, AI Liver, and Celiac disease.

One member stated that because he no outward signs of pain, he was considered a “hypochondriac.” Ended up with diagnosis of Calcium pyrophosphate deposition.

Another member said that people always tell her “you don’t look sick;” she’s good at hiding it. She gained 50 lbs of weights in four days.

Discussed the Five Stages of Grief.

One member offered up a Depok Chopra technique for when you have racing thoughts at bedtime and can’t get to sleep: Tap with your dominant hand to your non-dominant hand using your first two fingers while counting backward from 50 to one. Start over whenever needed.

Another member uses an app to help her fall asleep.

One member informed the group of her pain management doctor, Alan Lichtbroun, who is a rheumatologist.

The group also discussed the 65-and-over Medicare Advantage, which is an HMO. Many doctors do not take this insurance. One doctor does take the insurance, Dr. Michael Nover.

The question of how to start with a therapist came up.

Toxic relationships came up.

One member mentioned the website, The website is a resource on personality disorders. Of specific interest may be a technique called Medium Chill. This member states it works well with Borderline Personality Disorder and other people as well.

NJ, especially Union and Essex Counties, had a rapid increase in children with Autism. The rate increased 43% in four years. Not sure if that is just an increase due to people now being aware and getting diagnosis? Or perhaps there is an issue in the environment???

One member spoke about feeling detached: feeling guilty for not feeling guilty. members discussed supportive statements.

One member is taking Magnesium Gluconate

One member shares they have recently read about the Caveman diet – plants and animals and wonders if there is any benefit to it.

One member spoke about the stress she has from her aging Dad who is no longer able to live alone.

Hope to see you in May!

Next Meeting:  May 11, 2019.