Autoimmune Disease Support Group

Our  Mascots are Marlie and Wilson!  

February, 2019

In Attendance:  7

Collected in donations:  $27

Ice Breaker:  We did our annual Valentine’s Day Valentine Card game. Everyone went home with a Valentine’s Day card filled with positivity anonymously from each person at the table!  Oh… and FOOD! 

The winner of the On-Time Door Prize was NANETTE!

One member shared about his pain and his surgery being pushed a few days.

One member was scheduled for a mylegram, but they couldn’t do it.

One member shares about having Meningitis at age 8 and needing several spinal taps. Possibly a clue to immunity issues.

One member has been experiencing side effects from a medication. She questioned pancreatitis but her doctor didn’t agree. She went to a hematologist who said 62% inflamed. Seeing new endocrinologist who states inflammation causes low iron.

Another member is anemic, she states for her kind of anemia iron won’t help

Another member adds in that iron needs vitamin C for the body to utilize it

Another member adds iron can cause constipation

One member shares she has been using “green gum”. Made from hemp flower leaves, works quickly helps with pain, anxiety, no brain fog

One member is eating healthier

Big update in the laws and rules to obtaining narcotics coming in APRIL!!! Govt limiting (State/Pharmacists/Insurance companies) to 90 MMEs per day be sure to do your homework before you get frustrated at the pharmacy counter! Make sure you know what you can have and WHO can write that prescription for you… it maybe you need to find a PAIN MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST sooner rather than later. Basically, the treatment plans you and your doctor have likely taken years to arrive at and perfect, well, those decisions no longer belong to you and your doctor. Chronic pain people are getting ignored in these new laws! Here is a USA Today article to get you started:

Oh! And don’t think you are going to be able to take both narcotic and benzo diazepam at the same time… just a heads up. They mention that in the article link just above.

But they will be voting on legalizing marijuana recreationally in NJ soon… so those who have been considering the Medical Marijuana Program but have not acted yet, due to the lengthy process and numerous steps involved, may soon have means to an herbal pain relief measure legally without much hassle. Time will tell. Here is the most recent scuttlebutt

One member discusses Big Pharma, how does one of or treatments cost $38,000 PER MONTH???

One member is shocked at how much pharmacology grade fish oil costs

One member recently had a shot in the cervical spine (neck) which made things worse, now a shooting pain

One member shares that she has recently been researching Glutathione which might be a common threat of all autoimmune diseases. Here is a quick article to help:  check out #7!!!

Hope to see you in March!

Next Meeting:  March 9th.

GUEST SPEAKER!  Disability Lawyer!!!!!  Come, listen, ask questions!