Autoimmune Disease Support Group

Our  Mascots are Marlie and Wilson!  

May 14th, 2016

Attendance:   12

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Guest Speaker:  Julie from Chill Cryotherapy in Westfield

Julie was an amazing Guest Speaker and we were very lucky to have her!  She was extremely knowledgable about Cryo Therapy and it's many benefits.  She was with us for an hour and I have the feeling there was way more she could have taught us!!!

My summary of her time with us can't hold a candle to her presentation, which included a quick waving over of our hands for those of us brave enough to put our hand out!  I can tell you it was really interesting and not at all painful.  After hearing her speak on the topic, I can really buy-in to the premise that this would systemically tamp down the inflammation response.  Please check out Julie's website at Julie is extremely interested in the autoimmune population of clients and discussed the possibilitiy of doing a trial or study of some kind on our specific set of patients.  Please call or email her at to discuss what that could mean in terms of you trying these sessions at a potentially discounted price.  Of course you have to mention the AUTOIMMUNE DISEASE SUPPORT GROUP when you inquire!  Tell her Joanne sent you!!! So, here is the 5 cent tour...

Cryo therapy is not new!  Around for 40 years, In Europe first, just starting to get started here.  You can see it on THE SHARK TANK this season!!!

Non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical way to decrease  inflammation and treat pain

It is very tolerable.  

You are exposed to DRY cold air for no more than THREE minutes!

Other uses are many, including anti-aging and weight loss!!!

In Europe it is covered by insurance (not so here)

There are two types of cryo therapy:  Whole Body and spot treatments

You are exposed to liquid nitrogen but you never touch it! Only the cold air touches your body

It is fully dehumidified.  Some people say it has a numbing feeling (some people shiver)

The treatment causes the release of anti-inflammatory cytokines and supresses the inflammatory cytokines

Research shows it to IMPROVE FOCUS AND COGNITIVE FUNCTION!!! Improves anxiety and depression

This was a FANTASTIC presentation!  To learn more, go to Julies website at or email questions to her at



One new member was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, still working has two sons of her own, fiance has 3 children also!  Deals with a lot of pain, taking Cymbalta

Another new member has a new diagnosis of Graves and Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) was in the medical field but no longer.  Thinking back she thinks she had signs of this since age 17.  Uses a holistic approach and a wellness doctor.

Another member has Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder and is on Orencia infusions.

One member has Sjogrens and requires monthly infusions to support immune system.  Undergoing lots of oral surgery/dental issues related to the Sjogrens suffers with chronic pain.

Another member deals with constant chronic pain

One member has Still's Disease and is doing better since finding a treatment that is working well.  Disabled since 2008 but has been able to work a few hours a week since the beginning of the year! Very exciting.

Next Upcoming Meeting:  June 11th, 2016

Exciting News!  Guest Speaker in the works for a Fall meeting!  More to follow