Autoimmune Disease Support Group

Our  Mascots are Marlie and Wilson!  

Meeting Minutes - March 10, 2018

New Members:  Julie, Jeff, Denise

In Attendance:  18

Donations In Can:  $122 That you everyone!  This is by far the most we have ever collected! Your generosity is very much appreciated

Avg. Monthly Expenses:  $100

ICE BREAKER:  What is your “mantra song”? What song do you hum or sing when you are just absentmindedly humming/singing? Or what song is your go-to song that you know will boost your mood when you need to be uplifted? Let's see what the members at the table had to say!

“I will survive” by Gloria Gaynor was the song for two of our members!

“Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head”

“It’s a Beautiful Morning”

“In the Living Years” by Mike & The Mechanics

Pachelbel’s Canon in “D” Major

“Going Down the Road Feeling Bad” by Grateful Dead

“Rock of Ages”

“Sunday Morning Coming Down” by Johnny Cash

“Singing in The Rain”

Jump by Van Halen

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

One member said “Christmas songs”


NEXT:  Our “Sargent In Arms” Robbin read aloud the Rules of Engagement (the rules of group LOL)

THEN we just started to chat, here is what was said:

1.  We welcomed new member Jeff.  Welcome Jeff!!  who suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia.  He struggles with sleep issues and brain fog. The group chimed in to offer the following suggestions that work for them. A few of the suggestions:

Hot baths
Medical Marijuana

2.   We welcomed new member Julia. Welcome Julia!! who has not been officially diagnosed yet, but has many s/s of CFIDS/CFS. She has also been dealing with fever since May as well as numbness of hands/feet.  She is taking rhodiola complex among other prescribed meds.  For more info on Rhodiola click here:

3.   We Welcomed new member Denise. Welcome Denise!! She has Parkinson’s, diagnosed in 2012. She sees a neurologist in NYC who she loves.

4.   Members request that an upcoming topic for a meeting be SLEEP.  Of COURSE we will tackle that soon!  In April, we are looking forward to our member P.H. who has done oodles of research on medical marijuana and will share it with us at the next meeting! 

5.   One member shares she just saw for the first time, a Naturopath in Morristown. Her name is Dian of Dian’s Wellness Center.

6.   One member shares they are trying a Ketogenic Diet for the “O” blood type and is eating mostly meats, nuts, proteins.  She explains that her blood type is said to be unable to digest grains and certain legumes. Bone Broth is recommended 3x per day by the plan she is following. try this link for more info:

 7.   One member reminded us that weight is closely related to how we feel based on two factors: first, the heavier you are, the more pressure on your joints, and second, fat cells actually cause inflammation.  So, it stands to reason that attaining a healthy weight is paramount. Super interesting and super important.  click here for a more in depth read:

8.   Several members are excited about Kratom. Links were put in the meeting minutes for last month (Feb. 2018) for ease of researching this interesting herb that some say rivals’ opioids for pain relief, improved sleep and decrease of anxiety.  Just remember that while it is not illegal in NJ, it is illegal in 6 states. Also, no one is putting money into studying its effectiveness because there is no drug company that is going to get rich from a plant!  So please do your research before making any decision, and mention it to your doctor before starting as herbals can interact with your pharmacy medications.  Big Pharma is going to be against this plant because it is competing for the $$$.  Also, big pharma doesn’t want us to know that long term chronic use of opiates can cause depression and sexual dysfunction!  Just remember when you are reading, to read from reputable sites.  If you are reading info from a site that is trying to sell you anything, just know that their perspective will be slanted toward what they want you to purchase.  Try to use sites that say “.gov” or are from a university or a larger news outlet.

9.   One member shares a good read on the topic of Chronic Fatigue Experience, by Julie Rehmeyer entitled “Through the Shadowlands: A Science Writer’s Odyssey into An Illness Science Doesn’t Understand”. Sounds like a good one no matter which illness you have!

10. The Newly Forming Board of Trustees met after the group meeting.  We look forward to sharing who has volunteered for what position at the next meeting!

Next Meeting:  Saturday, April 14, 2018


Ice Breaker: “You Too?”  We are going to go around the table and each take a turn stating a symptom we are really struggling with right now.  Once the symptom has been said, anyone else at the table who also suffers with that symptom will raise a hand.  We will do a quick count and jot down how many hands respond for that symptom.  Please come prepared with as many symptoms you can in your head (or on a scrap paper) because we won’t be using the same symptom twice!  So, by the end of Ice Breaker, we will have the same # of symptoms as there are people in the room (unless someone wants to “pass”).  And we will have a tally of how many of us are going through the same thing!  When I do the Meeting Minutes for April, I can put the tally in descending order so we can see which is the #1 symptom, the #2 symptom, etc.…  I have a good guess for the #1 spot, DO YOU??? 

TOPIC:  We will hear from a member who has done a good job keeping up with Medical Marijuana in New Jersey!  A topic of interest to many of us!!!  We will give him our undivided attention for approx. 10-15 min.  THEN we can jump into the CHAT-FEST with whatever time is left!

Hope to see you there!!!