Autoimmune Disease Support Group

Our  Mascots are Marlie and Wilson!  

June 11, 2016

Attendance:  4

      Donations Collected:    $5

       Monthly Expenses:  $100

            Monthly Deficit   (-$95)

 Deficit year-to-date (-$551.00)


*** URGENT matter to discuss***

From January through June (6 months) we have only collected $49 total for all of 2016.  The cost of running group is approx. $100 per month and that does not include the hours of time Patrick and I donate each month.  We love giving in this way, but sadly we are both on disability retirement which equals a fixed income.   We know that each of you is in a similar situation, so we know the solution is not going to be easy.  Patrick and I used to be better able to handle this, however his health has worsened and he now needs monthly infusions which are THOUSANDS of dollars a month.  Our out of pocket cost is $550 per month! And I myself have been putting off thousands of dollars of dental work just to be started… So the year-to-date deficit is actually being paid by us out of our own disibility pensions.

Some might suggest to let the website go, as it really is $100 a month... the $30 per month it was the first year is long gone and every year it gets more and more expensive.  And the monthly rate LOOKS less, but then you have to renew your web address yearly to the tune of quite a bit of cash.  And to move your site to another place would save a little for the first year, but you have to buy your content from the company in order to move it!!!!  Go figure!!!  Anyway, That's how the $30 became $100.  And that doesn't include all of the other stuff so it's really a kind estimate.

Let's please come to the July meeting with concrete ideas on how we can raise enough money to break even!  We need to set up a Fundraising Committee and I promise to put my FULL FAITH in you who shall step up and accept this challenge!  We can make this happen!  We MUST make this happen!  Or we won't have a group!  Pat and I just can't carry the ball any longer.  Please!  If this group means anything to you, even if you've never attended and just stop by to read for support...  use the PAYPAL link!  Or get involved!  We nee YOU!

This might be the perfect way for a few of you to get to know each other even better!!!  Think about if you would be willing to Chair a committee to raise funds or at least be a member of this committee.  We need $1,200 per year minimum.  We could have one big fundraising event, or two or three smaller ideas.  Being the Chair of a committee is a valuable experience to put on a resume!  (anyone who is still working, or hoping to return to work one day)! 


Ice Breaker:  3 things that someone could find joy in (doesn't have to be something YOU would find joy in doing)

A bubble bath
Read a book
Take a walk
Call a friend
Cuddle with Pets
Just go outside a be outdoors
Spend time with others
Car brings joy to one member!


New member has Lupus newly diagnosed

One member is on a monthly infusion of Orencia

One member discussed being over committed and asks the group for advice

One member shares their strategy for handling their calendar, carving out days before and after anything that requires exertion or a high stress level in order to be able to meet all commitments

Group discusses how important a positive attitude is to our wellness and how attitude can impact illness

Group discusses different stages of grief and how that pertains to getting a diagnosis of a chronic illness. 

Stages of grief include Denial, Bargaining, Anger, Depression and arriving at the fifth stage: Acceptance!
   - You can move in an out of stages in random order
   - One person's journey to acceptance does not match someone elses's journey
   - You can reach acceptance and then something can shift with the illness (or                 you get another diagnosis layered upon the one you already have) or a       "flare-up" and it can set you right back to the beginning to process all over again

Some people only think of the passing of a loved one when they hear the word grief.  But grief applies to all LOSS!  And what loss is greater than the loss of your health?  The loss of the life you thought you would have?  The loss of your job, the loss of the ability to do certain enjoyable activities, the relationships that fall by the way-side...  all causes for grief!  For more information on the 5 Stages of Grief, click on this link to read a great article:

Group discusses depression in relation to chronic illness.

Next Meeting:  Sat. July 9th, 2016


SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TO:  Our October meeting we will have a guest speaker about Restorative Yoga!  Info will go out to group via email as it becomes available!  If you are interested, be sure to RSVP early as seating is limited