Autoimmune Disease Support Group

Our  Mascots are Marlie and Wilson!  

Meeting Minutes January, 2016

Attendance:  Joanne, Pat, Robbin, Douglas, Anne, Sharon = 6

Donations:  $9

Monthly Expenses:  $100

Under:  (-$91)

Ice Breaker:  What is your New Year's Resolution if you are making one this year?

"to eat better"
"to read 2 hours per week"
"to walk 3 x per week with dogs"
"to work on relationship with son"
"I'm not doing it this year"
"generally take better care of myself"
"phone a friend" when I need/want to
"become an animal control officer!"

Topic:  Open Forum

*One member is dealing with mom exhibiting signs of early Alzheimers or dementia, going to see her over the weekend to help go over bills.  Added stress of extended family discussed

*One member uses Microsoft Money as the software to track expenses on computer - not attached to bill paying

*One member is frustrated over Medicare taking 6 months to pay their doctor.
Another member states that their doctor is refusing to take any more Medicare patients

*One member asks group is anyone knows if you need a medical card to go through security at the airport if you have an appliance in your body (metal)

*One member states that your doctor will sign a card for you to carry

*One member is looking for a doctor for her daughter who has Cerebral Palsy as her current DR won't take CIGNA

*One member is paying $800 out of pocket to seek a second opinion as the second opinion is not covered by her ins.

*One member states that the House of Representatives voted to repeal ObamaCare but that the Pres is said to be vetoing it.

*One member discusses how it's going not being able to drive…  answer was "not well".  Difficult to get rides to everything that they want to do.

*One member took a fall injuring lower back opening a window.  Laid there for hours, finally was able to get to a phone to call for help. 

*Another member states that their "alert" system goes off randomly - as if just bending over would trigger the gadget to send out an emergency call, but when she broke her hip it didn't go off!!!

*One member states that walkie-talkie's are a good option for when you go into the shower. 

*Some discussion among group about the FDA creating a shortage of Oxycodone.  And somehow the pharmacists are able to over-ride what the doctor has ordered for pain management!

*Members discuss that this trend is completely crazy, the doctor's are loosing their ability to direct the care of patient

*Some supplements are said to reduce systemic inflammation such as tumeric and ginger, pineapple powder, flaxseed and magnesium

Next Meeting:  February 13, 2016