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Our  Mascots are Marlie and Wilson!  

Meeting Minutes - December, 2016

Meeting Minutes



In attendance:  5


Donations Collected toward Expenses

$100 per month est. expenses

$  47 collected (thank you for your generosity!)

$  53 deficit to meet expenses


  • Snacks were brought and shared
  • Optional Gift Exchange was a success!  We had much fun "stealing" gifts from each other!  The most coveted item was the Vegi Spaghetti!
  • One member is experiencing tendonitis and needs a cast for a week
  • One member shares he has been having good effect from Omega XL
  • One member shares that she read that Tumeric and Curcumin decrease pain, improve memory and decrease inflammation, some effected noted on day 1!!! 
  • One member states that TWIN EPA is a good source of Omega 3,
  • One member shares they read if you keep your fish oil in the freezer it won’t “repeat” in a bad taste after you take it
  • One member shares Theraleve is giving him some improvement, should take it 4x/day without food, said to decrease pain, increase mood and energy level
  • One member is working on creating a LOGO for our group!  Soon she will bring them all in and we will choose a LOGO to be used in our fundraiser.  We will discuss what kind of items we want to sell, shirts, towels, other ideas will be considered

NEXT MEETING:  January 14, 2017  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

TOPIC:  GUEST SPEAKER! Fran Russo, Author and Shaman!!!

ICE BREAKER:  We will share our New Year's Resolutions with each other!  And we will have time to do some chatting before the presentation starts!



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