Autoimmune Disease Support Group

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Meeting Minutes Feb. 7th and Feb. 21st 2015

Saturday, February 7th, 2015

Ice Breaker:  Have you ever gone to a psychic and if so, were they real?

We shared our experiences


Some members discussed needing a dentist.  One member recommended Dr. Narla in Somerville and another member likes Dr. Yee in Piscataway.

Members discussed how hard it is on our body to have to go through dental procedures

One member is working full time and had an ergonomic assessment done of her workstation.  Planning to move her desk away from photocopier.

One member who has been away for a while rejoined us and gave update on recent pneumonia and flu at the same time!

One member shares that her kitty is really very sick.  Group chimed in with how our pets are truly part of our family. 

One member misses physical activity and is looking forward to getting back to the gym after a rough patch.

One member is considering using a driver to get around as an alternative to driving.

Lyft is one ride program to look into click here:   Uber is another place to look into:

One member shares to check with your county’s Department of Aging to see what service they offer to the disabled of the county.  For Somerset County click here:

For Middlesex County:  Click here:

One member shares that Rituxan has recently been approved for treatment of MS.  Here is a link to an article for more info:


Saturday, February 21st, 2015

Ice Breaker:  Today we played the Valentine’s Day game and every member went home with a Valentine’s Day card!

Anne won the door prize!

Group hosted a student nurse from Seton Hall who is preparing for her Bachelor’s in Nursing.  She added a lot of her experience as a caregiver to her husband.  We wish her well in her career.

One CFS/Fibro member shares that the CFS community is proposing a name change to the disease that would be more representative of the debilitating, life altering disease.  It is being proposed to change it to SEID (Systemic Exertional Intolerance Disease).  The thought process is that exacerbations can be brought on by physical, psychological, emotional and cognitive activities. 

They are working on finally getting together a set of diagnostic criteria including Fatigue that is present for 6 months or longer.

*** Here is a link to hear a doctor from Johns Hopkins discuss (the article is written, just scroll way down to read…  hang in there, he doesn’t really get to the point until after the 3:00 min. mark!) just click on this link to hear:


One member is very tired right now, in school and recovering from the flu.

One member is reporting better movement of hand after recent PT!!!

One member discusses admitting they were in denial about how bad they have gotten and is starting to deal with the reality.

One member states they had to quit going to the gym.


***  One member is offering to do a presentation on Chronic Pain. 

Anyone else who is well-versed on a topic and would like to share it with the group please e-mail me your topic idea and I will be happy to fit your topic into an upcoming meeting.  Approx. 15 min. in length is fine.  You can do it however you want, hand outs optional. 

 MARCH MEETINGS:  Sat. March 7th and

                                     Sat. March 21st, 2015