Autoimmune Disease Support Group

Our  Mascots are Marlie and Wilson!  

Meeting Minutes January 3rd and 17th, 2015

Saturday January 17th, 2015

ICE BREAKER:  Do you believe in any superstitions?  Do you follow any?

Some answers:  Wearing the same shirt if things are going good, I some when I was younger such as holding my breath crossing a bridge or when going through a tunnel, if you are driving and you go through a yellow light you kiss your fist and then put your fist up for safety as you cruise through the intersection, among others! 

TOPIC:  Most of the country is by now starting to abandon their New Year’s Resolutions.  If you are still holding strong to yours, what is keeping you on track?

Some answers:  In reference to exercise, once you get past the third week it becomes less difficult.  A kind of switch is flipped from hating it to being good with it.  Which begs the question, “What can you do in the meantime?  While the 21 days go by? To keep you motivated?” some responses were, to make new friends at the gym so that it’s more about the people than the exercise.


There was discussion of gym membership fees where some deals are too good to be true, such as $10 down and $10 per month, expect them to tell you to pay up front for the whole year.  One member cautions us to “read the fine print” on those deals as there is usually an annual fee of some kind.  As long as you are informed and expecting it, you can still get a good deal.

One member recommends knowing the cancellation policy ahead of time as we are all dealing with disease and our health can shift from month to month.  If you need to cancel a gym membership, this member states you will likely have to obtain a doctor’s note stating why you can no longer participate and then to get you out of your contract you will need to bring that in person and sign something to terminate the contract.  Failure to do so will likely result in you having the monthly fees sucked out of your account!  Buyer beware!

We are loving the Shop Rite Nutritionist who is available FOR FREE either on-line, in person or on the telephone!  Dairy restrictions, yes!  Gluten Free?  No problem!  Great advice and information are there for the taking!  So great!

One member brings us an article to share on the topic of keeping our New Year’s Resolutions!  (Thanks Neil!) 5 Realistic Resolutions (1) Focus on good food choices (2) Don’t forget to eat! (3) Decrease your screen time with TV, computer, gaming and gadgets! (4) Enjoy your family meal time! (5) Get fit together!  (Spouse, friend, sibling, child, co-worker etc.)

The second part of the article was 3 Principles For Success (1) Keep it simple (2) Keep it practical and (3) Make it a joint effort

Another member adds, don’t deprive yourself!

One member with lactose intolerance is able to tolerate Greek Yogurt (but not regular yogurt) and hard cheeses!  These ideas came from the Shop Rite Nutritionist who advises that these are much lower in lactose than other dairy! WooHoo!

One member states she’s won a battle with Medicare to continue her Physical Therapy at home!  Way to go!

One member shares that the “Scoot Bus” can take you to any appointments in Somerset County

One member is suffering with spasms lately.

One member shares difficulty with coordination while walking.

Members debated which tablets were easiest to use for those of us dealing with fine motor skills.  One member shares great success with the Microsoft Surface.  She states that the BLACK keyboard is the one to use as the keys are separate keys which are much easier to tap.  The colored keyboards look pretty but are actually buttons with a colored one piece covering over the buttons.  She states these are much harder to tap.

Member shares that she can use her knuckles to use the TOUCH SCREEN instead of finger pads!  Great share!

One member shares that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has a yearly day at the Patriot’s Stadium which is fun!

One member discusses difficulty in deciding to no longer drive.  Another member present had to make that difficult decision about a year ago and was very supportive.  Discussion was had about being in control over when to give up driving, versus having something happen and having others make the decision for you. 

One member shares she started on an anti-depressant approx... 3 weeks ago and is feeling noticeably better! 

One member shares he will be starting the clinical portion of his school program Monday which will be a full-time commitment Monday through Friday!  Best of Luck to our dear friend!!!

One member shares Adolf & Priscilla’s Taxi Service out of Basking Ridge is great, they even do emergency trips to local veterinarian at all hours if need be!!!

INVITATION:  Group will be meeting up for a MOVIE!  Saturday, January 31st at the AMC Theater at the Bridgewater Commons Mall to see The Wedding Ringer on Saturday, January 31st.  We will be meeting in the lobby at 12:30 pm the movie starts at 12:45.  Keep your eye on your e-mail for reminders.  RSVP is appreciated



ICE BREAKER:  We went to the movies as a group.  What are your TOP THREE "Stuck-on-a-desert-island" movies? 

TOPIC:  to be determined (email me with your suggestions!!!

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Saturday, January 3rd, 2015

ICE BREAKER:  What (if any) New Year’s Resolution have you made?

Some of the answers:  Better sleep, Lose weight, walking regularly, meditate daily, not to over-commit, stop criticizing self, put self first, stop caring what everyone else thinks

New Member:  Lou  “Welcome Lou!”


One member suffers with an incredibly itchy rash of unknown origin.  Viral?  Labs drawn but no results yet.

One member discusses the Autoimmune Disease Summit on line.  One doctor’s husband was so sick brought him to 20 different doctors before he was diagnosed with Lymes Disease!