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Meeting Minutes - August, 2017

August 12, 2017

In Attendance:



Joanne P



Joanne O

Pat P




Shelby* (Journalist)

Donations Collected:  $27

Monthly Cost of Operation: $100


Welcome new members Scott and Joanne O.!!!

Ice Breaker: Select a Crayon from the box that shows how you are feeling today (physically or emotionally)  Paper provided to doodle/color on

Some of the colors selected:

Purple - dark for the weather which increases pain but yet a still a beautiful color

Purple - favorite color, denial of how I feel

Green - doing well

Blue - bad news today

Peach - peachy

White - washed-out healthwise

Green - mental health feeling protected

A journalist (Shelby) was present at today's meeting.  All present agreed to allow her to listen to what was discussed at the table today.  Anyone who does not want their comments included in the article will notify her and opt out of the article. Also, anyone wishing to detail their illness journey for the article

in detail can contact Shelby to set up a date/time for interview. Article to come out in October in the New Jersey Monthly Magazine.

One member states getting good benefit from hemp oil for anti-inflammatory benefits and pain management (CBD oil)  I like to steer you to reputable sites rather than sites that promote selling their items...  try this link:

Another member adds that she feels about a 90% improvement from it

One member purchases it at Shop Rite in Branchburg

One member takes it 2x per day and it helps with anxiety and depressio

One member discusses probiotics for more info check out:

One member feels they get some help from Kefir which is fermented milk can be found near the yogurt drink section, states it helps with GI symptoms, takes a few ounces with the onset of symptoms.  For more on Kefir check out:

One member shares their research on the elimination diet he brought a Comprehensive Guide from Institute of Functional Medicine.  States that if done carefully over about 7-8 weeks you eliminate most problematic foods (dairy, gluten, processed foods) so you get your diet really "clean" and then add in one item from the problematic list, keeping a food journal every day so you can track how you feel without all of that in your system, and then see if you can identify any "culprits" of pain and/or inflammation.  Not a bad idea to do this process with the guidance of a doctor or nutritionist. (This diet may really help reverse leaky gut)   try this link:

One member discusses possible benefits of tart cherry juice

One member shares that the Lupus Foundation recently was awarded the biggest grant $6M for a Lupus Registry, $35.2B for research, $2M for Office of Minority Health.  For the lupus site check out:

One member shares that the NJ Medical Marijuana program has recently added about a dozen new diagnoses for accepted use, a reputable site is:

as always, we encourage you to do your own research on all topics.

Next meeting:  September 9, 2017