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Meeting Minutes June 4 & June 20, 2015

Meeting Minutes

June 20th, 2015

Attendance:  10 members

New Members:  Welcome Elizabeth!  Welcome Rachel!  Welcome Sue!  Welcome Paula!

Collected in Donations:  $27 towards monthly operational cost of $120 ($27 + $11 = $38  $120 - $38 = -$82 deficit for June

TOPIC:  Reiki as a means of healing and reducing pain

Ice Breaker:  To usher in the summer:  What is your favorite kind of ice cream?

GUEST SPEAKER:  Sherry Lynn, Certified Reiki Master

  • ·         Sherry stumbled upon Reiki by helping an wounded animal in need.  Her story is found on her website
  • ·         What does Reiki mean?  Re means “divinely guided light” and Ki means “energy” so Reiki means a spiritual light and energy
  • ·         Sherry also works with Spirit Guides or Angels
  • ·         Sherry finds the more she does it, the more it works
  • ·         Reiki was brought over from Japan in the 1900’s and is a complimentary modality to traditional treatment
  • ·         Sherry briefly touches on the fact that there is a difference between “Healing” and “Cure”  Reiki can heal you but cannot cure you of your disease
  • ·         Reiki can even be done at a distance!  Over the phone, or simply by her focusing on sending healing energy to the person (either at a pre-determined time, or at a time of her choosing).
  • ·         Her work with feral animals has been remarkable, turning feral cats into warm loving pets.
  • ·         Reiki deals with energy blockages of Chakra (which tied in nicely with Nancy’s two presentations)
  • ·         What will someone feel during Reiki?  Some people feel warmth, tingling, chills, may fall asleep, feel calm/peaceful
  • ·         The Roby Chart shows which Chakras are affected by which areas of the body Reiki is performed click the following link for more info on Roby Chart:
  • ·         Sherry charges $75/hr and will come to your home for an extra fee
  • ·         Reiki can be performed on the past/present/future to heal old injuries!
  • ·         Sherry referenced Louise Hay, author of the book “You can Heal Your Life” which refers to disease as Dis-Ease
  • ·         There are 3 levels of Reiki, 1st level works in the present.  2nd level learns to work with distance, 3rd level is Master Level and you can teach
  • ·         Regular meditation can ramp up the healing even more!
  • ·         Reiki can be used for anything!  Not just pain, it can be used for FATIGUE!  It can be used for CLARITY!
  • ·         Are you SKEPTICAL?  Sherry says IT WILL STILL WORK!

Five lucky members received a free Reiki treatment lasting 5-10 minutes each!!!

 Next Mtg:  July 18th, 2015 ***NOTE** There will be NO MTG 4th of July


 June 6th 2015

Meeting was run by Patrick Price as I was absent due to an eye infection

TOPIC:  Our own Nancy finished her topic on Chakras!  (Thanks Nancy!)

Attendance:  6 members

Collected in Donations:  $11 towards monthly operational cost of $120

The other half of the meeting was Open Forum