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Meeting Minutes - January 14th, 2017

Meeting Minutes

January 14, 2017

In attendance:  10 (including 2 via computer!)

Donations Collected toward Expenses

$100 per month est. expenses

$  12 collected (thank you for your generosity!)

$  88 deficit to meet expenses


GUEST SPEAKER:  Fran Russo, author and Shaman

TOPIC:  Guided Visualization to journey within to assist your body’s immune system to function properly

ICE BREAKER:  Have you set New Year’s intentions?  If so, what are they and how is it going?

  • Remember the difference between a goal and a dream is a timeline.  Be sure to set realistic goals and certain time-frames in which to check in with yourself on your progress.  Reassess and redefine goals where necessary
  • Two members attended via Google Hangouts!!!  Very exciting!  If you are unable to come out, please contact us ahead of time.  You need a google email address and then we can “invite”  you to the meeting!  Please test out your speaker volume and microphone and video camera prior to the start time of the meeting so that your side of the equipment does not prevent you from enjoying the experience!
  • One member is trying to bring art back into her life, group discusses creativity in relation to being happy, we agree it is one of the first things to go when we became ill
  • Other members present at the time of ice breaker all shared their New Year’s intentions.  Some members are focusing on better level of wellnes
  • The second half of the meeting was devoted to our Guest Speaker!  Fran taught us that our immune system are our “troops” and that WE are the “Commander” of our “troops”. 
  • She shared with us the Four C’s
  • Consciousness – you are aware of what you want to do
  • Contain – create a container of your making, “what do I want my body to contain?” to get to a perfect state?
  • Control – consciously making a choice of what goes in and what does not go into our body.  We want strong boundaries, not a wall!
  • Compassion – for and with Self
  • You are your Primal Self/spirit/soul/light body (however you choose to name it)
  • Primal Self is intuitive paying attention to the “ping” before the thought
  • Sourcing from within to out
  • No chatter/stories.  No coulda/shoulda/woulda
  • To know your primal self again (the You you are eternally) sometimes gets pushed aside. Must keep conscious vigilance to keep the boundaries
  • Life is a “hike” so you have an easier time of it when you have less baggage! ;)
  • Fran hosts a “Journey Within” weekly guidance of the sacred, develops potential
  • Discussed building a Wall vs. building healthy boundaries
  • Discussed ruminating and how to stop it…  “Stop It, Drop It, I got this!” a little mantra to repeat in our head when the thoughts start taking over
  • Human/Ego can trip you up! This is not your eternal self!  Thoughts are a human experience
  • Fran did about 20 minutes of lecture, then about 20 minutes of taking us through a guided visualization experience and then had a question/answer period!  We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and Thank Fran so much for coming out to talk to our group!

For More information on Fran Russo, her teachings how to contact her, etc.  please Click this link:

Next Group Meeting:  Saturday, February 11th, 2017

This will be our Valentine's Day Party.  Please bring a snack to share!  Patrick and I will bring paper plates, napkins, bottled waters and if I’m feeling up to it, I’ll bring a totally Unhealthy treat!!! ;)

ICE BREAKER:  What are some small ways in which you show yourself a little love?

TOPIC:  While we each take turns chatting about what we are currently dealing with in relation to our illness/pain/symptoms, we will be playing the Valentine’s Day “Secret Admirer” Card Game that we do every year!  (Each person starts with a Valentine’s Day card and then everyone else in the room writes a secret comment about that person (positive upbeat comments only!)  At the end, everyone gets their own card back and it will have uplifting remarks from the whole group but you won’t know who said what!!!  I must admit, I have kept all of mine!!!  Jo