Autoimmune Disease Support Group

Our  Mascots are Marlie and Wilson!  

November, 2019 Attendance: 11

New Members: Welcome Alyssa!

Donations Collected: $27

Monthly Expenses $100

ICE BREAKER:  Share something you are proud of

TOPIC:  Setting healthy boundaries

Group Exercise done, Team A provided a scenario where "you are driving a friend to work every day, but the friend is making you late every day." and Team B provided a different scenario "Your friend insists on calling you after 9 pm for a chat even though they know you don't feel well and need to get to bed early".

The two teams discussed among themselves and then team leaders presented possible solutions that were brainstormed.


One member is in such brainfog that they basically have no memory of the last year

One member has Autoimmune Encephalitis. Has lost sense of humor. Unable to watch tv due to being unable to follow storyline. Cannot read due to the fact that by page 2, cannot remember what page 1 said. Long term memory is intact but short tem memory is severely impaired.

One member wonders if their disease will pass on to children through DNA

One member just woke up one day and could not get out of bed and it just continued, "PMR" (Polymyalgia Rheumatica) has been on Prednisone since February but as is trying to taper off now, it gets worse.

One member is also on Methotrexate

One member shares they have MS but a "Cognitive" one where you can still walk and talk

One member was recently hospitalized for 5 days but is diong better.

One memberis dealing with Hoshimotos. She is dealing with hormonal imbalances and has NO engery at all

One member is looking at lifestyle factors that can contribute

One member had death of a parent one month ago. Group members offer condolensces

One member is dealing with a skeleton in their closet but doing it on their own

One member starting a new careet, thinking of combining two disciplines but this will mean going back to school. She is hopeful and excited. Group members offer support.

One member shares that they like "Anthony Williams" and that he has a theory about EBV (Epstein-Barr Virus) being the cause of much of these illnesses. Another member has heard of him but shares that they take his theory only as generalities. (The position of the Autoimmunegroup is always to do your research on reputible sites such as the CDC or NIH. Please remember that if they are selling a book or products, they are trying to get you to buy something, and always discuss any questions with your doctor).

Almost half of the group members raise their hands when asked who at the table has been + for a high EBV titer for more info on EBV blood here is a link to get you started: One member is trying to do things "naturally" and holistically and trying hard to avoid "pharmecauticals". 

NEXT MEETING:  December 14, 2019. HOLIDAY PARTY! with OPTIONAL gift exchange

Hope to see you there!!!