Autoimmune Disease Support Group

Our  Mascots are Marlie and Wilson!  

We were interviewed by NJ Monthly Mag!

Meeting Minutes - November 11, 2017

In attendance:  10 members

New Members:  Eileen, Terry

Ice Breaker:  "Tell us your CRAPPY DOCTOR story!"

Approximate Monthly Running Costs including website, photocopies, brochures, supplies                        $100.00

Collected in Donations:  $45.00

Deficit                            -$55.00

Thank you for your kind genorosity!  It helps us keep group running and helping us to be able to spread the word that we are here!


1.  I was really sick and Pat ran the meeting in my place!  THANK YOU PAT!  YOU ARE THE BEST!  (Although he's sick today!) :(

2.  Welcome to Terry and Eileen the newest members of the Group Family!  I look forward to meeting you both in December!

3.  A survey was handed out helping us determine what direction to take the group in!  8 members completed the form and the totals for each of the 6 questions was tallied.  I will post a copy at the bottom of the meeting minutes for you all to see!  Thank you again for taking the time to give your feedback.  It was annonymous.  Our goal is to always provide what the members want and need!

4. Pat showed the group the article in NJ Monthly Magazine, November 2017 issue (see photo of cover above!) The article "Living With An Autoimmune Disease" highlights what we go through.  The journalist, Shelby Vittek came to the July meeting and interviewed group.  Our own Addie then gave a one-on-one interview on another date!  The article wraps up with a wonderful discription of our group and what we hope to offer members!  Here is a link to the article on-line in case you haven't seen it out and about!  ($4.99 at local CVS and other pharmacies, or look for free copy available in most doctors waiting rooms).  Click here to read it:

5.  Since the group voted YES to make the December meeting a "Holiday Party", we will be happy to do so!  Most of the meeting will run as normal, we will have our yearly OPTIONAL GIFT EXCHANGE.  If you would like to participate, bring a gift in the $10 - $15 range suitable for either man or woman (because you won't know who you are buying for!) And also please bring a snack to share!  If possible, keep in mind that many in group have dietary restrictions so gluten free, dairy free if possible!  the meeting is SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9TH 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM.  If you text me or email me what snack you are bringing I can make a list to avoid duplicating efforts.  Patrick and I will bring bottled waters and the paper products/napkins/plates/plastic wear.  :)

Can't Wait!!!  See You There!!!

Here is a tally of the survey with questions!  Thank you to those who participated!

8 members responded!

Here are the results of the survey!


Please give us your anonymous feedback so that we can make sure that we are taking Group in the direction that would help you most.

1)   Do you enjoy or get something out of the Open Format style of discussion at the table? 7 yes, 1 written comment, zero No

2)  How often would you like to see Presentations in the Group room?  Once per Season 5 votes, Every Other Month 3 votes, or Every month, 0 Votes  (Please circle one) 

3)  Would you like to see Group have refreshments available at each meeting and participate in bringing something to share on a rotating basis? 4 yes, 3 no, 1 undecided

4)  Would you like to see a Group e-mail list for Active Members so that you can easily write to other members between meetings? 7 yes, 1 no

5)  Are you interesting in Group becoming a 501© non-profit organization so that we can raise money for our expenses and a mutually decided upon cause for Group to contribute in some way to those with Autoimmune? 7 yes, 1 no

6)  Do you want to have a December meeting/Holiday party? 7 yes, 1 didn't respond

7)  Please write below any other ideas or suggestions that you feel may bring Group closer to exceeding your expectations: 

  there was no hand written feedback given

*these meeting minutes may be updated at a later date if more information on what was discussed is available!