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May, 2018

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Topic:  Our own Nancy has offered to summarize a few books she credits with the improvement in her level of wellness.  She provided the following Meeting Minutes!  THANKS NANCY!!!

List of Books Presented:

The Toxin Solution by Dr. Joseph Pizzorno - links environmental toxins to chronic diseases

Medical Medium by Anthony Williams

Life Changing Foods by Anthony Williams

Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Dr. Roger Murphree – Dr. Murphree offers a free webinar each week and you can go to his web site to find out more info about it and there is for lots of other information available as well.

Nancy Dafgek presented information contained in Medical Medium to the group, as well as shared her personal experience with recovery.  This recovery was largely based on Dr. Roger Murphree’s book and the 8 week webinar of his that she took which taught her how to apply his protocols.  In addition, she shared an article on the benefits of sleep, critical to recovery from Fibro.  The information she presented from Medical Medium is as follows:

Epstein Barr Virus (EBV)

  • The cause of chronic fatigue and fibro
  • 225 million have some form of it out of 320 million people that exist
    60 varieties exist – the medical community only knows of one and tests only for that one.
  • Over the generations, the virus has become more challenging.  It is contracted thru:
    • mother by the fetus,
    • infected blood,
    • eating out,
    • sex
  • It has 4 stages. Initially, it’s in your blood floating around replicating itself (undetectable at this point). 
  • If you get stressed or are under a hormonal change, it attacks your hormones and feeds off of them or it turns to mono. Here it seeks a home in one of your organs, typically, in the liver or spleen.  Here It lives off of toxins and it befriends streptococcus infesting your sinuses, kidneys, bladder, (creating cystitis) and stays there.
  • Once it settles in one of your organs, your body assumes the war is over and stops the immune response.  It may cause inflammation there.  It excretes its own toxic wastes which sometimes show up as positive lyme tests.
    It can disrupt nerve function.
  • At a certain point, the liver can’t perform. Low stomach acids result in a lessened ability to detox and food is not digested properly, becomes putrefied in your digestive tract and food sensitivities occur.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

MS is a chronic, typically progressive neurological disease inflaming and damaging the central nervous system’s protective layer and message facilitator – the myelin sheath.  This book provides a theory in which MS can be healed stating that it is a version of Epstein Barr.  EBV inflames the nerves and eats away at the myelin sheath. 

Natural things you can use for healing:


Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

Causes inflamed joints.  The medical profession thinks it is an autoimmune response.  Our bodies don’t attack themselves as the medical community would think.  It’s a version of Epstein Barr virus that affects the joints, bones and nerves.  Natural sources for healing:

Cold hot packs

Hashimotos (thyroid)

Began during industrial revolution
The thyroid regulates how much (or how little) energy you take into your cells.
The book theorizes the cause to be another variety of Epstein Barr virus.  EBV enters the thyroids tissue causing inflammation, lessening thyroid production.  Medicines only add hormones – they do not repair the thyroid.

For healing use:

Licorice Root

Gut Health

For healing use: fresh organic celery juice on an empty stomach each morning, Acidophilus, enzymes and do an Elimination Diet. Here is a link for additional information on why/how to go about the eliminationg diet:


If you believe in angels, you can pray to angels for healing but you must ask out loud to engage their help – ask the ANGEL OF HEALING.

Next Meeting:  Saturday, June 9th, 2018 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

The Ice Breaker will involve your most bothersome symptoms! So come prepared with a list :)

Hope to see you there!

Jo & Pat