Autoimmune Disease Support Group

Our  Mascots are Marlie and Wilson!  

Meeting Minutes - November, 2016

Meeting Minutes 11/12/16

In Attendance:  8

Donations Collected toward Expenses: 

$100 per month est. expenses

    14 collected (Thank you for your contribution!)

$ 84 deficit to meet expenses


  • One member discusses going weekly to Wellness Center to use the pool and weights
  • New member has Fibromyalgia for 23 years, notices that increase in stress makes symptoms worse
  • One member requests recommendation for Rheumatologist, one member likes Dr. Eric Lieberman from Summit Medical Group, 908-277-8640 they are in Berkeley Heights. The recommending member states the doctor is “empathetic and hears you out”
  • One member working part time has a new boss and that this boss is giving her a hard time
  • One member is going on an interview
  • One member works from home
  • One member notices we do not have a Face Book page and offers to do that
  • One member is waiting for her H.R. to reach out and answer some of her questions
  • One member discusses pain in ankle which moves around member requests doctor for problem, one member gives Dr Francesco, Foot & Ankle with offices in Raritan and Manville

 Next Meeting:  December 10, 2016

Our Holiday Party!!!  Come Join in the fun!  Everyone please bring a snack to share, Patrick and I will bring paper plates, napkins and bottled water!  There will be DOOR PRIZES!!!  and OPTIONAL Gift Exchange!!!  If you would like to participate, please bring a WRAPPED gift (something suitable for either man or woman) and you will then "swap" your gift for a different pretty package!!!