Autoimmune Disease Support Group

Our  Mascots are Marlie and Wilson!  

July, 11th 2020

This was our FIRST virtual meeting via Zoom! Thank you to all who participated.

It was my first attempt at hosting so thank you for your patience while I learn the process!

Attendance: 7 (although we lost one member who had audio issues)

ICE BREAKER: "What is your experience so far with Virtual Conferences thus far? And how did you feel about your first experiences?"

Most members have already had experiences with video platforms. Some more than others. Some had experiences with other than Zoom. All were in agreement that it was actually fairly straight forward!

One member shared a recent hospitalization that sounded like it would lead to a COVID diagnosis, however, that test came back negative, as did recent anti-body testing. He described this experience being very frustrating that no one could visit or be present for information or questions

Two members shared a recent negative side-effect from a blood pressure medication that they were each put on. 

One member shared that she realizes she is an "ambivert" as opposed to either an introvert or an extrovert. Several shared the sentiment. It was discussed how introverts are doing quite well with the isolation. We supposed that extroverts would be having more difficulty. The "ambiverts" who have pieces to both in their personality, are not much bothered by the quarantine on most days.

One member needed cataract surgery which was finally done, but had been post-poned originally due to the quarantine. She shared that it has been difficult to get help from family post-op due to COVID.

One member stated they are not driving now due to high anxiety. Another member stated that they have gone through anxiety in their illness journey

We saw a beautiful soul who we have not seen in many moons. She shared that she has Myesthenia Gravis as well as Fibro. She is dealing with unexplained lymph edema. There are no lung nodules, the doctor thinks a wait and see approach is for now. She is scheduled to video chat with the lung doctor. She also needs knee surgery.

      The group offered emotional support for all she is going through

One member needs new eyeglasses, asks for recommendation. Another member was able to refer Advanced Vision Care on Route 28 in Middlesex. She states thatthey are proficient with people with autoimmune eye disease.

One member recommends over-the-counter Systane eye drops for dry eye. 

One member is frustrated that their insurance will not pay for Restasis and his diagnosis is Sjogrens!!!

One member highly recommends "Transitions" eyeglasses that will darken according to the light in the room. She states that there are degrees of darkening available, low, middle and dark. She states that she does much less taking off and putting on of sunglasses, etc.

One member shares that she has a friend who is giving vegitgarian cooking classes on line. They do catering, are offering on line video cooking classes and have gluten-free!

One member is getting much relief from symptoms by eating all organic farm-fresh, pasture-raised. She shares changing up everything she was eating and states this has made a real improvement in her health. She shares she was previously a vegetarian, 100% plant-based and had periods of junk-food attacks. Now eats pasture grass-fed beef, lamb and pork.She shares that prior to changing diet she was literally wasting away and was basically unable to even move!!!

One member shares taking a more holistic approach to health and wellness

One member shares that they are tracking their gut-health by using a stool test through Viome. Check out this link for more info  Viome can assist you with getting your gut biome to a healthy state by recommending dietary changes that are based on your specific needs reflected in the test, which can promote a much better immune system!!! Yay!

Some local farms members are recommending are:

Bardy Farms in Warren, NJ.  Very close to drive for most of us but here is a link for directions:

Miller Bio Farm in Quarryville, PA.

Beiler Family Farm. Checkout their online store

Dutch Meadows Farm. Click here:

One member shares they get inexpensive produce delivered to home through Misfit Market delivery service. For more info on this amazing service click here:  https://www.misfits  

One member states the benefits of growing vegis from seeds in your own pots or garden.

One member shares a safe way to rid your plants of Aphids. Take an all-purpose spray bottle and fill mostly with water, a little olive oil, small amount of dye-free dish soap and some Cayenne pepper. Spray your plants. 

One member states that ladybugs are amazing pest zappers for your plants and gardens. She shares that you can buy them by the box on line!!! Who knew??? Can you believe Amazon? Well of course you can! click here:

One member shares that calcium powder can avoid rotting of any green vegetables growing

One member shares Lime on the ground to grow fantastic tomatos and corn!

One member shares that you should consider planting corn, squash, beans. She states this is called the "three sisters" in farming terms. And that each one gives the other what it needs in the way of shade and protection, etc. allowing each to grow to their best potential! Great info Miss A!

Members agree that mint, Marigolds and Rosemary are also helpful in deterring pests and insects to your crops!

NEXT UPCOMING MEETING:  SATURDAY, AUGUST 15TH 2020 from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm (This is a departure from our normal 2nd Saturday of the month because I am not available on the 8th).  (Zoom is offering a free extension on the original 40 minute time limit). We normally skip August due to the low turnout due to heat and humidity, but as we are not leaving the comfort of our homes I am willing to ZOOM the August meeting if we have enough YES responses. Please email if you can attend to  or text message me at 908-358-7167.

ICE BREAKER question for AUGUST will be: "If you could have a super power, what would it be and why?" Each person will have 1-2 minutes to answer or simply say "pass" if you don't want to answer the question.